Practice safe Rex: spay, neuter and rescue.

Cornish Rex (& friends) that need homes

Please contact me if you know of any Cornish Rex, Devon Rex or Sphynx that need rescuing. I get so many requests that it is impossible to personally notify anyone so I ask that you to please bookmark this page and check it frequently.

Rexcue 101

"Why rescue?" I hear this question all the time. It boils down to our disposable society. People get rid of their cats when they move into places that don't permit pets. Or when they're pregnant because they're afraid the cat will suck out the baby's breath - an old wives' tale. I've actually heard of people who turned in their cats because "they no longer matched the decor." One woman asked a local rescue group if she could "trade in" her two cats for two cats the group was placing.

"But don't people value the cats they paid for? I mean, these cats are so expensive." In a word, "No." These are purebred cats that someone once paid money for. That's why I don't have a set adoption fee for the cats I personally place. I try to cover any immediate costs but mostly I want to find these cats good forever homes. Some of the cats listed on my rescue page do have set fees involved depending on the group placing the cat.

"Should I buy from a breeder or get a rescue?" That depends on what you want. If you want a kitten know that kittens rarely come into rescue. If you want a health guarantee you better try a reputable breeder since we usually don't know the cat's health history or genealogy. If you don't mind an older cat or one with special needs, a rescue just might be for you.

"How do I find a reputable breeder?" By asking questions and being knowledgeable. Do research. Ask people. Go to cat shows and see whose cats are winning. Above all inspect. Be very cautious if a breeder won't let you (or someone you personally know and trust) in their house and/or cattery. Make sure they have a sterling reputation and references if they won't let you in. Either a Cat Fanciers' Association Approved Cattery or a CFA Cattery of Excellence is a good place to start. Run if they don't have a contract for you to sign. This is for your safety as well as the cat's well-being.

Not all breeders are reputable and sometimes reputable breeders lose control. I know of four Cornish Rex breeders that had their cats seized in one year. If you have serious concerns about a breeder please contact your local ASPCA, humane society or law enforcement agencies.

For more rescues please contact:

The Fanciers Breeder Referral List occasionally lists retired, rescued and special needs Cornish Rex, Devon Rex and Sphynx.

The Rexcue Railroad can help transport your rescued Rex. Click HERE to subscribe to the Rexcue Railroad.

Please buy from the Rexphiles store at One dollar from each item purchased will support rescue and transport efforts.

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